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Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 25 Mar 2017 16:04
by Lia
I am sorry if my story hard to understand. Also if my English not so good.

I just want to share one of my weird dream.
I am a lucid dream of course and one of my dream somehow become true.
For example today.
Today i went to some talkshow and in the middle of the show I felt like de javu. In real life, I never been go to that place before but I feel de javu at the first time I went to that place. And I remembered I had a dream about that situation a few weeks ago..
The building, the room, the pilar, even the people is as same as my dream.
I hope somebody can tell me what was going on.
Because it not just today. I think it happens once in two until three month. It was usually happens when I dreamed about some situations and there was somebody I know in real life (friends, cousins, family ect) after I dreamed About that situation a few weeks later I really in that situation. With same people, same building, same room, even snack will as same as my dream.
It makes me feel de javu a lot.

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 25 Mar 2017 18:38
by lucidé
I explained it before in another subject.

I've had many low probability "dream spying" lucid dreams before (as have my lucid dream friends), where I have seen places and even characters resembling people in real life. I would even say they are not even a reliable way to try and look at life in a different perspective. Even if spying was more than just the gambler's fallacy working in my favor, I would still say it isn't a reliable way, because then the guys on here would probably use spying to look at females undressing in the women's room.

However, I can use lucid dreaming in many ways to try to improve my life. Like when I meshed with my lucid dream friends (before you all jump down my back, meshing is when all friends merely control their lucid dreams to be similar. With low probability or gambler's odds, you can match specific conversations or even dream spy. I would have to further explain the odds of each one), and we tried to understand each other through the meshing better. Or trying to understand living things better through lucid dreaming.

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 26 Mar 2017 03:09
Hi, Lia, I can understand you, so don't worry about your English.

Deja Vu (French for 'already seen') is a very common phenomenon. I also get some 'false memories' in my dreams when I feel like I did something earlier that justifies the present situation in dreams. I am not sure if you foresaw the future, or if it just felt like it at the time during that episode of Deja Vu.

I've heard that Michael Persinger can stimulate parts of the brain with electrodes that induce the same feeling of Deja Vu in people. It's definatly a real phenomenon and I have had it too. Not from dreams, but just randomly a few times during the day, mostly when I was a teenager and younger.

So, I must wonder if you truly remembered that dream first, and wrote it down before your Deja Vu, or did it all just feel that way as it was happening and then you remembered the dream?

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 27 Mar 2017 17:32
by Lia
Thanks for the explanation guys..
It just feel like deja vu when as it happens and then I remembered the dream after I think again have I in this situation? Where and when? Then I remember the dream.
Sometimes I am asking people to make sure about what was happening.
It drive me crazy when it happen because it is hard to ask people or telling them about what I am feeling in the situation.
It was so fun to join in this forum so I can talk to people who understand about what was going on

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 28 Mar 2017 21:31
by DreamerMan99
I know the feeling. The answer is no. Simply put, there are many coincidences in our lives. Our minds love making connections and patterns, and we often look for them when there are none at all.

Deja vu is said to simply be your mind checking for memories of a certain situation. Most people experience deja vu at extremely commonplace or mundane situations. Also, it seems to be less common the older you get. Our minds are not perfect, and the fact that we could be simulating entire memories is not out of question.

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 29 Mar 2017 00:19
by lucidé
There is always a low chance that the event in your life and the lucid dream could in fact match. Just like with the lottery.
There have to be winners in the casino at least once in a while, or no one would ever attempt to gamble again. Then the casinos and lottery ticket booths would go out of business. Improbability I will never consider impossibility. this video implies that an extremely low chance doesn't mean impossible.

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 29 Mar 2017 01:26
What's the probability that you stop bringing up probability and showing that same video all the time?
0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %


I have to tease, but yes, there is a difference between improbable, and just downright physically impossible. Who is to say that Deja Vu is just a glitch of our mind? Perhaps time, and the relativity of it, is an illusion created by the ones perceiving it, and it's not linear at all. I also agree with Michael Persinger's experiments and it could very well be just a mental glitch in our brain.

I fall on either side of this fence.

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 29 Mar 2017 01:54
I'll explain a bit further because this stimulated a lot of thought for me.

Although we may think we live in the present, we do not. Past, future and present are all illusions. The past is gone and just a memory. Our memories are not 100% accurate either. The future is only what we think will happen based on the current situation, but it hasn't happened yet. I could be hit my a meteor right now as I type this and it's not impossible. (I better speed this up before one does, now that I think about it! :D ) The present too, despite feeling like we live in one is also an illusion in our minds.

No matter how infinitesimal the distance between time is vast, depending on how you look at it. Imagine a meter stick. Zoom in between two millimeters and zoom in further and further. You can go on forever. Now imagine just a moment of time at the nanosecond level. It takes time to perceive something through our senses and for it to register in our brain and then react to it. At this scale it's slow motion and really demonstrates just how slow we are. Even light takes time to see beyond our bodies because a beautiful star light years away will take time for the light to hit your eyes, just like a pencil in our hand at arms length. No matter how vast or minute the differences, there is always a delay. So hence, we are never experiencing the present at all, but the past.

What if the mind has a glitch and it speeds up the thought reactions to our stimuli? It would seem like we are having a Deja Vu moment because it's a mental state we are not use to. It would appear that what is happening now has already happened because our cognitive ability to register the stimuli was already seen by our subconscious. If we alter our speed of thought, we alter our perception of time.

I'm coming up with this as I go with no answer, and am not sure if it made sense. I don't know how to conclude my ramblings.

I will just say, the other side of the fence is hard to disprove too. We very well could be living in a program as the Simulation Theory suggests and Deja View is a glitch in The Matrix. ;)

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 29 Mar 2017 02:25
by lucidé
So all the lucid dreams I had with gambling odds where I was lucid dreaming I saw something currently happening, I was somehow time traveling into the past then? I guess that's where Summerlander learned to time travel all this time.

Re: Is lucid dream can be a prediction of what will happen in our life?

Posted: 30 Mar 2017 01:26
by Summerlander
There is a time traveller among us. But it's not me. It's Enra Traz. She came from the future of a parallel universe where Elizabeth Warren became the president of the United States of America.