was this the connection?

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was this the connection?

Postby dbz » 15 Jun 2017 15:13

were at the mall im with this white chick im black shes with her older brother it seems. She is doing shopping and it seems its for me and i get the feeling im dreaming. while she prepares to pay by the counter i whisper to her brother on the side saying that i would appreciate it if they did this in real life and not while im dreaming.

He is literally gobsmacked in shock my girlfriend comes over to me quickly and asks if i could fetch pampers i run up quick as now i can feel the dream is nearing its end. It starts to get blurry when i reach the top floor ' a sign its ending'. I panic and finally spot an isle of pampers i hastily grab one pack and run back downstairs. I hand over the item and whisper to her that she must hurry as this dream is nearing its end 'how mean of me' she hurries to the till.

She pays for the goods and we walk out the shop. Her brother still mad at me for saying im dreaming starts arguing with me on why i said im dreaming. I then get even more upset and tell him cause my body is asleep but my mind is awake he gets even more angrier and a quarrel breaks out as we start to argue a white guy with a sinister smile dressed in black passes behind me and thats when me and her brother start fighting. We knock chairs and tables over and i loose sight of my ''girlfriend". I start regretting my initial approach to the whole situation and start feeling sorry for her, as i keep ducking her brother's attacks the dream slowly fades i start calling out to her in vain. I awake....my girlfriend walks in the house it seems the idea was to surprise me with breakfast in bed because she comes in the kitchen and i hear her breaking eggs.

Had this dream today morning and is one of the reasons that urged me to find a community of lucid dreamers and discuss it.

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