Need help Lucid Dreaming

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Need help Lucid Dreaming

Postby Mitch-66 » 27 Sep 2017 04:39

A while ago, maybe 3 months or so, i got back into lucid dreaming since i gave up and took a break from it. I haven't really been trying all too hard since I have to focus on school and other things. However I did attempt a WILD a month ago and I want to share my experience and ask for advice on how to improve it(sorry for the long post i'll try to keep it relatively short). So I went to lay down and relaxed myself by breathing in and out slowly and got to the point where i could feel my body going numb not yet sleep paralysis but I could feel i was close. I tried my best to not let my inner monologue kick in and i wasn't panicking because i knew this was part of the process. I could start to see these weird shapes that were green and some were purple right in the dark space in front of me as my eyes are closed. I then think to myself this must be hypnagogia so i let it do its thing. Then all of the sudden my eyes start going crazy and twitching and my heart starts pounding and i freaked myself out and opened my eyes. the closest i have gotten to a Lucid dream I think was a week ago and I felt wind in it but sadly the feeling only lasted for seconds :( Anyways I would appreciate anyone that had experience with this issue or if i'm on the right track. Also if there are any other techniques i could use like FILD in combination with WILD? Again thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this post, I just want to learn how to LD because i have to many things i would like to do.

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Re: Need help Lucid Dreaming

Postby Sean Jacobs » 27 Sep 2017 12:22

Hi Mitch-66.

Sorry, but I can't help with WILD. I have sleep issues and have never succeeded using WILD as I can never actually fall asleep using this technique.

Have you tried other techniques like keeping a dream journal?
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