I have a question about a strange lucid dream

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I have a question about a strange lucid dream

Postby LucidDreamiing » 04 Nov 2017 16:01

So yesterday I had a strange lucid dream well actually only one part of the lucid dream was trully strange but still. I had opened a door that led me to this forest it was raining and I thought about making it stop raining but didn't because I wanted to kind of just test my senses in lucid dreams and so I just kind of felt the grass againts my feet and than my hands when I sat I felt the water going down my cheek cause of the rain I smelled the smell of wet grass all of that then I heard people talking and this is when it gets wierd I followed the noice and it led me to this group of people playing in the rain and when I asked them what they were doing they told me they were enjoying the lucid dream and just having fun I was to say the least confused because I thought DC tried their hardest to convince you that you are not dreaming as I talked to them some more it turned out they were all lucid dreaming I just did not really get what was happening I mean these were people I did not know so yeah does anyone know why this happened cause I don't really know.

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