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Is it possible to "control" sleep paralysis?

Posted: 18 Nov 2017 06:06
by lgpoptart
I'm pretty sure this is sleep paralysis (the first time, but not sure the second time).

So a few days ago, I was falling asleep (guess a nap) and I had those "mini dreams" right as you're falling asleep, except I woke up and told myself that I was dreaming every time, after 2-3 times of doing that (within maybe 10-15mins) I fell asleep again but this time I saw a white glow from the bottom of my peripheral and I focused on it and all of a sudden I not only hear this very loud, shrill, frequency-like noise the whole time that only intensified the more I went deeper into this weird "dream" and after I focused on the white glow, I was suddenly staring at the ceiling of my room, except everything was in negative color (not b&w, but actual negative) and I couldn't move. I figured I was in sleep paralysis despite never experiencing it before (but yes I'm slightly interested in the whole astral projection / lucid dreaming thing but never successfully did that) anyway, I was stuck, I couldn't move. I tried to move my toes but I couldn't, or even my mouth but I was stuck and I tried talking, well shouting, and I couldn't and it got harder to breathe. I closed my eyes because I heard that if might see figures during this time of paralysis. Anyway shortly after, I woke up.

Earlier today during another nap, I was having a dream (regular dream) but while I was actively dreaming, if I focused really hard in the middle of my forehead (i guess the "third eye") I was suddenly in this limbo between my active dream and my room again. The harder I focused I would hear the ringing intensifying and the more I would see my room, and at one point I saw myself sleeping (but was not accurate as I was wearing glasses in my dream but not in reality) and then I saw my room, but this time I saw a dark ominous monster thing standing in the doorway, so I did not pursue to go further because I was afraid, and then I slowly went back into my current dream. I did this a few times during my dream last night, and each time I would see in negative and I would have an extremely shrill frequency noise that increased the more I focused. I was able to essentially travel from my current dream, to me sleeping in my room with that weird figure standing there (first time I saw it and possibly my subconscious).

So I have to ask... Is what I did real? Or was it all just part of my dream that I thought I was controlling, and yeah I guess I was to a degree since anyone can control their dreams?