Feeling Like Quitting (but won't)

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Feeling Like Quitting (but won't)

Postby GamerFuckerLD » 22 Dec 2017 12:35

It's been more than three months since I've put the effort into this skill, yet I fail to get a grip on it. Every now and then, obstacles spawn and hinder my progress. In the beginning, I was very patient with induction and adhering to the basic techniques. I achieved success after a month and was happy with it, been looking forward to hopefully better lucid dreaming experiences. Yet, every now and then, I either lose the ability to become lucid, or I become lucid a lot but it's a faint, and now I'm faced with the f***ing issue of doubting the stability of the dreamworld. As soon as I become lucid, this thought sticks to me and leads to the dream turning black and everything disappearing, not to mention the short-lived lucid dreams anyway :evil:. I'm very frustrated and starting to doubt whether this is really worth it (although I believe it is). I just don't know when the heck am I going to master this and let it happen effortlessly and have sweet lucid dreams every night (or so). Induction have become easy for me, yet sleep problems also resurface every now and then, too. The setbacks that constantly spring in front of me just is making this practice inspiring me with frustration every morning.
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