Dreaming Awake?

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Dreaming Awake?

Postby DizzyDreamer » 31 Dec 2017 01:21

Hi, being interested in the works of Carlos Castaneda and having a lot of difficulty with his
lucid dreaming, I purchased a copy of this book last year and practiced the suggested technique
until I was able to quite literally lucid dream on-demand *without* having to first fall asleep
in the usual manner.

It only took me a month to perfect the technique and I can attest to its author's claims about
making lucid dreaming incredibly available even to absolute beginners. The similarity to that
described by Carlos Castaneda description of 'Dreaming Awake', however, is astounding!? These
are incredibly lucid dreaming states arrived at 'without' having to first fall asleep!

The author calls it 'Waking-Induced Lucid Dreaming' (WILD) which I'd never heard of before until
reading this particular book, although subsequent research on my part revealed WILDs were in
fact discovered and documented right along with DILDs, albeit they have been almost completely
overlooked in comparison to the sheer publicity surrounding and supporting DILDs.

I have, by now, also experienced many DILDs simply from practicing these WILDs (a seeming
automatic benefit of WILDing, in that DILDs begin to occur quite spontaneously after practicing
these WILDs for only a few months)

Consequently, I feel obliged to pass this info on to you (and to other Carlos Castaneda
affectionados), in the hope that it may well help others with their lucid dreaming difficulties
too, and in connection to Carlos Castaneda's description of dreaming awake.

With kind regards

The book in question is called: 'The WILD Way To Lucid Dreaming' (by 'slider') and is listed on
Amazon. There is also a website for it (the wildway.com) which is only mentioned in the book

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