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Okay, if this is a lucid dream, then where’s Scarlett?

Posted: 08 Mar 2018 21:28
by bob_syr
Upton is the name I’ve given to my personification of my sub-conscious who accompanies me in many dreams. In this dream Upton and I were driving in California and entered a busy Hollywood parking lot. Since this was a lucid dream, I should now be able to control the dream and do whatever I want. Who I would like to see most right now is Scarlett Johansson. So I told my companion, Upton: I’d like to see Scarlett Johansen and have her here with me. Upton replied—you’ve got to call her agent and explain what you want. So I did. I spent a long, frustrating time on the phone trying to locate Scarlett’s agency. I finally got through to the agent and said, “I’m having a lucid dream and I’d like to see Scarlett and have her here with me now.” Then the agent said, “We’re going to have to paaaassss on that (that’s how agents talk).” Actually it wasn’t too different from waking life. I had as much of a chance to see Scarlett in the dream as in waking life, none . . at all. Maybe next dream. --end of dream

Who? – Upton, Scarlett Johansen’s agent, self
Where? -- Felt like California
When? – Current
Percent possibility index – 50%
Mood? -- Apprehensive, nervous, not ready for what I was trying
Enjoyment value L (low) to H (high, default) – H