My lucid dreaming journey!

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Re: My lucid dreaming journey!

Postby Beginningdream » 15 Jun 2018 14:48

I had my second lucid dream. So cool.

I didn’t do really anything though. I missed my bus for something in the dream so I decided to chase it at first I was just hanging off the back but I thought I could make it to he front of the bus in time for the driver to see my but the accelerated and I got left behind so I tried to take a shortcut but I still missed it. Eventually as it was about to leave the parking lot it turned into a truck and in my dream I thought like buses aren’t trucks and then I became lucid. From there I forgot a reality check and my lucidity would fade in and out blurry clear blurry clear. I was also saying in my head that whole time this is a dream this is a dream this is a dream. But strangely where I messed up is I sat down in order to calm myself down but since I have no memory after that I’m assuming I lost it which is unexpected.

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