Am I Lucid dreaming? First post

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Am I Lucid dreaming? First post

Postby Pete_Lace » 03 Jul 2018 10:32

Hello my name is Peter 🙂 & I am a fellow lucid dreamer I think? I apologise in advance about the length & detail of this message. I’m 36 now, my first lucid dream happened in my early 20’s, it completely terrified me I was in a constant false awakening state with sleep paralysis & would just keep trying to wake myself up, I would be in a complete conscious state in my bedroom looking back down at myself, 15yrs ago the internet isn’t what it is now so I couldn’t research it & didn’t know what was going on, in my early 20’s I was a very heavy MDMA user (used every weekend for 2yrs straight) the scenario I explained started happening at the end of the 2yr drug period & it always happened a couple nights after a heavy night using MDMA, only for one night & then it would stop, once this started frequently happening I stopped using MDMA (as it would scare me when it happened) & sure enough the lucid dreams stopped happening. 10yrs later In my late 20’s early 30’s I starting using MDMA again & sure enough the same scenario happened, I researched what was happening to me on line & the closest thing that could explain it was lucid dreaming, I found out Lucid dreaming was safe so when it happened again I relaxed become more brave stayed in the lucid dreaming state & would start exploring, look at my self, explore the house, look in mirrors etc & eventually I would go into a complete dream state, like my early 20’s it would happen only after excess MDMA use, 2-3 nights after & only for one night.
I’m married now with children so those party years are behind me, I’ve been on heavy anti anxiety medication for about 1yr now, 1 week ago I stopped taking my anti anxiety medication cold turkey & did MDMA for the first time in years. For the past 4 nights I have been lucid dreaming every single night intensely, this is what happens every night.
First part of the night. Fully conscious able to look at my self, my wife, travel through my house, please note in this state there are no Hallucinations or anything psychedelic happening until I look at my self in the reflection of bathroom mirror & my appearance is distorted eg. Small eyes, big ears. This state usually last for the first 1hr then I will go into the second part of my lucid dreaming which has never happen before.
The second part I go into a full psychedelic state still will a conscious mind and I am able to control everything, shapes, patterns, flying, sex, seeing old friends... I will stay in this state until I wake up (if you can call it that).
Can you please tell me what you think is happening here? Am I even lucid dreaming?
If it happens again tonight (night 5) I’m going to go back on my anti anxiety medication.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated as it’s starting to get exhausting (fun the first few nights) & I’m freaking my wife out.

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