spontaneous blindness during LD/OBE?

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spontaneous blindness during LD/OBE?

Postby alteredstates » 13 Aug 2012 11:15

I'm not much of a forums person and haven't been having LDs for long usually prefer one on one question and answers but i haven't yet got an answer for my questions although i asked them elsewhere (not on this site.) I want to know has anyone experienced spontaneous lucid dream blindness when they asked their subconscious a question or even tried to do something like confront someone they see in a dream after being lucid? This might seem more like a question for the advanced LD'ers so am posting it here in the general discussion. This is the shortest i could compress what i experienced:

Became lucid whilst lying in room which resembled my room in waking reality but much bigger

Decided to confront the person

All of a sudden I don't know why i saw through my half opened eyelids what looked like my bed covers and pillow and my brown carpet in my waking reality room and i was convinced i was awake even though the room was twice as big as my room in waking reality as i didn't comprehend what was going on and felt gutted

I literally could not keep my eyes open. Even after grounding myself i didn't do a reality check so i woke up frustrated

Tried to confront same person

Felt like an OBE

Tried to get their attention but couldn't and couldn't turn on the lights either frustratingly
After a while my eyes start closing again even though they were fine before :( I just couldn't keep them open or even look up.

Stood outside their room in my house and saw them lying in the bed but it was green and pixellated like when you try to adjust the resolution on a tv and its really bad and my vision was horrible..couldn't open my eyes..:/ So it changed to another scenery

[b] Eye closing again when i asked my subconscious a question in lucid dream and seeing blackness and what sounded like tupac and ja rule playing in the background (haha)

I had done research this time and found out its called lucid dream blindness which occurs automatically but mine just seems to get triggered spontaneously almost like preventing me from doing or finding out something

I was able to open eyes but didn't get the answer..[

HMM ANY IDEAS??? :?: :?: :?:

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