Any theories would be nice :)

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Any theories would be nice :)

Postby NikoRiko » 19 Jan 2019 10:49

Hello everyone,
I've had lucid dreams my whole life, naturally and then trained as I got older, and I've never really joined a community for it. But I wanted to get other opinions on some very specific dreams i have.
Since i was young I've had dreams about running on all fours, being able to jump higher then normal, smell is enhanced, to narrow it down a hairless werewolf. The dreams are so vivid I can feel my bones moving. As i got older they became lucid and they are some of my favorite dreams. However my concern with this is they are so vivid, my brain has stored them as memories of being real. I will randomly recall moments and have to remind myself they are dreams not reality. I've even found myself telling people stories of these dreams and they ask me. "This really happened?" And I have to stop and go "sorry I guess not it was a dream" and I'll explain what I'm explaining now.
Does anyone have experience with this?
Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy. Is it something to worry about?
Any theories on this?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Any theories would be nice :)

Postby Moxie » 23 Jan 2019 04:49

I can't give a theory as to why you're storing them as memories, but this is all too familiar to me. I have the same types of dreams, and have ever since I was little. I'm not sure what type of beliefs you hold, but I strongly suggest looking into Therianthropy. has some very valuable information on that if you care to take a look. You might find some answers for yourself!

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