I have 0 skills in lucid dreaming.

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I have 0 skills in lucid dreaming.

Postby Space and Time » 19 Jan 2019 12:29

So yeah, I have questions regarding this topic.

First of all, I'm a very not skillfull lucid dreamer. There had been times where I became lucid, but it's rare. When I became lucid, I either of those; Cant move, only look around (Like in google street view). Move around the dream, observe. Try to touch something, only to see my hand magicaly passing through the solid object, as if it we're does not exist there at all (lol funny xD). Try to think about something completely random inside the lucid dream, like some stupid memes or something. And back when I was a kid, I started realising I was in a dream, but that seemed to be like lucid nightmare, I thought of trying to fly, but I was too scared and just forced myself to wake up. And finaly, the very recent one I had, I was inside a transport, my mother was there sitting near me, I became lucid, and just started to tell the mother figure "Hey, I'm lucid! I'm inside a dream, I was just there lying on my bed all along this time." the mother figure just keept ignoring me, and thus woke up.

The result in those lucid dreams is always the same - It lasts only few seconds, I wake up fast.

Anyway I have questions regarding lucid dreams, for the curiosity.

1. Is it possible to create some sort of "Museum" of my dream characters, including the option to give command to my subconscious to spawn the shadow figure that I dreamed of in my childhood?

2. Is it possible to talk to the dream characters and tell them "Who they are", if so, what answer they could likely to give you think?

3. What will happen If I shout towards my subconscious in my lucid dream "Can you materialise my look of my inner true self"? What will it show?

4. Is it possible to do some absolutly stupid stuff like Shapeshifting - Turning myself into a fictional/cartoon character and/or even gender bent myself?

I tryed to do reality checks in waking life, like everytime I get killed when playing a game (It's very common of me dreaming of playing video games, preferable battlefield games), but still in dreams where I find myself in a game, I dont find myself doing reality checks, why is that?

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