What does the Bardo/Void look like to you?

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What does the Bardo/Void look like to you?

Postby Go left » 22 Jan 2019 03:42

Interested to hear what the Bardo state / Void looks like to you dreamers. By this I mean when you are lucid dreaming and the dreamscape whatever that might be disappears and you are all alone in empty space. This is also know as dream yoga, to be lucidly aware but without any dream content.

For example for me I found this state to be a kind of sparkling black empty space that felt very comforting. Like the emptiness was pure potential, like the womb of creation. Sometimes I would have a body and other times not. More recently when I have got to this state it appears bright white.

What does this state look like to you?
And do you usually have a body?
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Re: What does the Bardo/Void look like to you?

Postby Moxie » 23 Jan 2019 04:31

There's only one time I've experienced Void, and it was the transition of dreams when I became lucid for the first time. From what I remember, it was just a solid black space, but me and the other person with me had this glowing aura around us, and it was like we were standing on nothing. There wasn't really a temperature, which I can usually feel in dreams; it was like the most perfect temperature, not hot or cold. But I didn't notice any other feelings from it, I probably wasn't in it long enough to take notice.

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