A little help relaxing before lucid dreaming? :)

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A little help relaxing before lucid dreaming? :)

Postby joegibson12 » 24 Aug 2012 17:38

Hey so about an hour ago I started reading around on this site, I heard of the relaxing the muscles type thing and chose out a fairly long ambient sound to relax to. I lay on my back and started to relax, I was daydreaming at the time of being in Spain with the girl I like with cricket noices in my ear(ambient) then my muscles relaxed, starting with my hands everything went numb and I just lay there staring into the blackness with my eyes closed. Then for some reason I started thinking of being in the Hunger Games and halfway through that daydream I started hearing noises, music noise from my right ear in my room. I knew I'd hear noises because I'd read up on it but it startled me a bit and I started to shiver(the scared shiver up the spine thing) and opened my eyes and said "I'm awake" and came back to reality.
But anyway, I'll be doing this from day to day to practice. Do you think I'll get use to noises in time so? I'd like to be able to be comfortable with them to move onto the next stage so I can lucid dream. I stuck around with the noises for about 2 seconds maybe before I started to freak out a bit. Thanks :)

P.S- I just checked how long the ambient sounds had been playing, 40 minutes before I started hearing the noises. It didn't feel like 40 minutes but apparently it was xD

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