LD event Announces 3 new additions to its speaker line up!

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LD event Announces 3 new additions to its speaker line up!

Postby Fearghal76 » 13 Sep 2012 16:20

Gateways of the Mind Announces Additional Speakers to its Line Up!

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In addition to the already amazing line-up we are pleased to announce that we have found some space on our programme to include 3 more presentations.
These will enhance the longer more in depth discussions from the other 5 key note speakers and introduce 3 complimentary perspectives on the main themes of the conference.

We are therefore pleased to introduce;

Mary Ziemer – Lucid Surrender: The Alchemy of Psycho-Spiritual Transformation

“When you become lucid in a dream, meditate.” These were the words of my dream teacher. The clarity and simplicity of that advice appealed to me. For me, “meditate” simply meant pray or acknowledge a higher Wisdom. The next time I became lucid in a dream, I simply bowed my head. With that, the dreamscape and my dream body dissolved, opening a door to a realm of revelatory experiences beyond my conceptions of the world and myself.

So much of lucid dreaming in the West is about mind “control”, I wondered, “What happens when the dreamer ‘let’s go’ in a dream, surrendering control?” The dreams responded. I have looked to alchemical traditions across cultures to contextualise what I call Lucid surrender. Using alchemical process, this presentation considers the ever-deepening forms of surrender and the transformative power such yielding opens up psychologically and spiritually in lucid dreams.

The Monroe Institute UK - Introducing SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation) - Continued Sound Technology Innovation At The Monroe Institute

Since the 1970s, The Monroe Institute has developed and refined experiential programs which facilitate expanded awareness and exploration of altered states of consciousness by using Hemi-Sync® binaural beat sound technology.
Through continued research at TMI, it has been observed (using EEG monitoring) that when people enter certain mystical states a number of Gamma brainwaves seem to be involved. This is exciting news, however, achieving Gamma states in the brain is very difficult using binaural beating technology.
TMI has recently developed a new sound technology called SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation) which produces differently phased signals in each ear. The resulting effect sounds like a single tone, however, each ear is receiving an out of phase audio signal whose separation frequency can be set at any frequency desired. This type of technology can easily accommodate the Gamma range of brain frequencies.
The Monroe Institute has now produced several SAM titles as well as developing new programs built around this new technology.

Luigi Sciambarella - Accredited Outreach Facilitator – TMI will also give a short demonstration of the new technology which the audience can directly participate in through an audio meditation

Rory MacSweeny - The Riddle in the Written Word – introducing ‘The Numinous Place’

"There exists in Roman and Greek legend, a mythical creature known as the Cyclops. It was a melancholic creature, as tragedy had been bestowed upon it in a most peculiar way. A desire to see into the future lead the beast to trade its two eyes for one, in a deal that was forged with the Gods but there was a twist in the tale. The only future the monster ever got to see was the time of its own death, a death that if not accepted as foretold, would otherwise prove to be very painful...
The story, it seems is not so distant from our own truth for what is it to be human, but to be aware of one's own existence but to know existence is to know death and hence our continuous struggle to accept the fortune of our incredible insight, we are the part of the Universe that gets to reflect on the ultimate question "What am I?"
It is our gift our curse..."

Through highlighting the hidden depths to fairy tales and the truths they speak of Rory will show great wisdom has been passed from generation to generation through story telling. In doing so he will also introduce the concept of ‘The Numinous Place’ - a passage of knowledge into the mind of the reader, through the most contemporary story telling device available today. A brief outline of the story will then be given along with his own part in the process and how his character acts to teach both the fellow characters the art of dreaming, as well as the audience reader. A little video will be played at the end as an extract from the book to illustrate...

The Numinous Place, written by Hollywood screenplay writer, Mark Staufer, is the world's first truly multidimensional work of fiction, merging movie and book harmoniously into a unique entertainment experience. "We hope to offer the reader a trip into the world of lucid dreaming, that provokes, entertains and teaches all at once, there will be some really interesting surprises in there"

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