curious post dream experience

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curious post dream experience

Postby Tarpaulin » 17 Sep 2012 11:35

Hi All - has anybody had this experience or have any idea how it works?

I've been putting a lot of work on having more lucid dreams and have not gone beyond two yet but I'm having this odd experience after dreams. I feel certain that I've woken up but I start a commentary on the dream in my head. Sometimes this is an actual commentary and sometimes it's a continuation of the dialogue between the dream characters.

I think I'm awake but I don't make any conscious decision to have these thoughts, they just happen on their own. there are even things which I know I would never actually say. For example this morning i woke up and my mind started doing this and one of the things "said" ( I say "said" rather than "thought" because it feels like that) was "I've seen dreams lead into a state of gnosis". This is not true and not something I would really say.

i know the immediate respones to this is "i'm still dreaming, it's a false awakening" but it really isn't a continuation of the dream. I'm aware that I'm in bed and this "dialogue" is going on in my mind.

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