What's the FIRST thing you do after becoming lucid?

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Re: What's the FIRST thing you do after becoming lucid?

Postby PeTePyE » 15 Oct 2012 20:13

I would like to think the first thing I'd do is get in touch with my senses and make sure I can feel everything im supposed to.

Think I will want to try the flying thing as its an experience I'd only ever get to have in an LD, I would also like to experience flying a fast jet, such as a Hawk T1 or a Tornado GR4 or a Typhoon (being a fast jet fan i wanna try that so bad!!), also I would like to be behind the controls of a Formula one car

These are just some of the things I wanna try when I get used to having LD's, think I'm moving in the right direction, however I'm not so nieve that I'm assuming it's gonna happen on my first attempt at a Lucid dream!!!

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