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How can I stay Lucid ?

Posted: 08 Nov 2012 05:48
by Chaosescape
Ive been praticing Wilding for the past few weeks but the same thing always happens. I lay in my bed relax and try to keep my mind blank. After my breathing and heart rate calm down I feel my body tingle and then I can slowly feel my body go numb and I usually get a sinking feeling almost like im melting into my bed. Sometimes I start to hear a ringing in my ears. Its like a constant tone and then I see random clips of what Im assuming is my dream starting. (sometimes a get a rapid heartbeat around this time which can be really distracting or make it feel like I cant breath) Every attempt Ive made I hit this point and then I simply fall asleep. I usually start dreaming but im not lucid. Its always just regular dreaming! Is there something that I can do to keep myself lucid? I feel like im getting so close only to fail right when im at the finish line and its really discouraging :(.

ANY feedback would be much appreciated.
Thank you

Re: How can I stay Lucid ?

Posted: 09 Nov 2012 19:48
by lucidinthe sky
In most of my successful WILD attempts, I'm unable to maintain awareness all the way through to the dream state so that is not a requirement. WILD often becomes DILD for me and probably others too.

You should always try for maintaining awareness, but if you keep trying hopefully you can at least minimize the gap between awareness and the dream to the point where you remember what you are doing and become lucid. That's what usually happens to me, that's of course when I don't fall back to sleep.

Re: How can I stay Lucid ?

Posted: 09 Nov 2012 22:36
by Peter
Find something to do instead of trying to stay lucid as the concern and effort to stay lucid distracts. Look at something, move to the next thing and so on, this will stabilize the dream, don’t try for goals or tasks or anything other than noticing in the same way you might if you are in front of a nice bit of artwork or in the garden on a fresh spring day, look and see, smell, feel use the senses to enhance the moment and lucid awareness will follow and in time it will be another world and you can spent time there at will

Re: How can I stay Lucid ?

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 01:38
by Dream_Wolf
adding to everything, once you get into the hypnogognia state, slowly say; mind awake, body asleep.