Can dreams influence waking-life feelings?

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Can dreams influence waking-life feelings?

Postby AngelXdv » 09 Nov 2012 15:15

Like 2 years ago I had that dream(when I liked a girl)about me and another girl. Then,when I woke up I didn't like the first girl anymore. I felt like the second one(the one in my dream)was the one I liked. It happened an year ago also,when I didn't like anyone,after a dream I liked a girl... Why? How can dreams interfere with waking life. I tried to neglect the feeling but...

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Re: Can dreams influence waking-life feelings?

Postby KylePK » 10 Nov 2012 08:07

The same stimuli are being affected when you are awake as when you imagine or dream things. If you saw that girl from your dream in real life, you would like her. Its just a feeling of attraction towards a girl who your subconscious has likely designed to be exactly "your type" in the dream.
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