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Dream Memory

Posted: 17 Nov 2012 09:22
by Notoriou
So, I understand that the best way to improve my dream memory is by using a dream journal, but I am in school and don't have time for that, and if I try to wake up earlier to make time, I don't get enough sleep... So I was wondering if anyone knew of any alternatives or have come up with their own ways to improve dream memory with little time. Also I should probably mention that on a good day I remember fragments of what I assume is one or two of the dreams I had that night.

Re: Dream Memory

Posted: 17 Nov 2012 22:15
by dreamerinmiami
when you wake up write down whatever you remember. doesnt have to be a whole page just jot down notes, then just keep thinking of your dream(s) whenever u remember something write it down or just keep them fresh in your head. jotting small details wont take hours