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Almost WILD?

Posted: 27 Jan 2013 08:32
by Notoriou
Yesterday I was really tired for some reason, and fell asleep around 3-4 hours before my normal bed time, so I wasn't really surprised when I woke up at 2 AM, and I decided to try to get into a dream. So I closed my eyes and got some HI fairly quickly, and this is where things get weird, after a little more time, I felt like my mattress had been lifted at my feet and my head was dipped down. Then my arms felt very twisted in impossible ways, but it didn't hurt, they just felt twisted. Also I began to experience a sensation as though my eyes were open, but i couldn't really tell, since my room was pitch black, and while it felt like my eyes were open, my HI became gray and more fluid,(its hard to describe it but here's my attempt) it looked like I was moving very quickly, there would be a circular pulse of gray that started from the center and moved to the edges of my vision. Eventually, I became very uncomfortable with my arms feeling twisted in impossible ways, so I got up for some water and rolled over to fall asleep normally.

Also, during the strange thing with my arms, I tried willing them to untwist, and it felt as though they did, not completely, but it was less unsettling, but when I took my focus off of untwisting them, they twisted back up.

So, I've been wondering, has anyone else has felt the arm twisting, or head dipping sensation?

Re: Almost WILD?

Posted: 28 Jan 2013 06:24
by foxko12
hi, sounds pretty interesting, I have never experienced the arm twisting sensation but have definitely felt the tipping before, often when trying WILD or even just falling asleep, its something that at times i can control greatly, making myself feel like the mattress is vertical with my feet pointing at the ground or even the opposite way with my head pointing to the ground, sometimes I can make it fell as if my mattress is springing fast or slowly around in circles or swinging back and forth like a pendulum. I can make it feel like my mattress is basically at any axis, but sometimes I cant control it at all. I have no idea what this is or why it happens. I first discovered this when falling asleep but last time I attempted WILD (always unsuccessfully) I experienced this feeling also. would be interested to know if this hinders or can be used to help in aiding WILD or any other LD.
to be honest I feel like your story is tied closer to astral projection than lucid dreaming but I have never successfully astral projected either so what do I know. just posting this so you know you're not the only one out there with this feeling occurring sometimes.

Re: Almost WILD?

Posted: 28 Jan 2013 07:05
by Notoriou
That's interesting, I figured the arm twisting thing would probably be uncommon, but it's cool that you feel the head thing too. I'll have to try what you described during the week. I'm tempted to thing the head sensation could be helpful, I think it could be used to help create a dream or something, i mean, if you can manipulate it, then, in theory, you could make it feel as though you're running or doing something else. I think actually feeling like you're there in the dream, doing something, could make it easier to fill in the visuals and stuff to help pull yourself into the dream. But that's just me theorizing about something I don't have much experience in, thanks for the info, I'll make a post about the results of my tests in a few days or so.

Re: Almost WILD?

Posted: 30 Jan 2013 00:09
by Vaellian
I woke up at like 9 am, after goint to bed at like 4-5. and it was my day off. so i figured i'd might aswell try a WILD. so seeing as i bought Rebeccas Fast-track. i had the MP3 on my phone. so i listened to that to see if it would help. i tried it. but i got more bored rather than relaxed. so i turned it off and tried it solo. at some point my HI turned into this weird like... star trek kinda visual. where i was a light yellow-ish light. that was very grainy all over my vision. i had weird. not painful feelings of my body. didn't really feel twisted or in and position than what they actually were, just weird.. It got too weird for my liking. even though i kept telling myself "you got this you got this. you're dreaming keep going, follow the feeling" my anxiety got the best of my and i sat up :(. One of the things that happens is i get scared for no reason when im on the brink of falling asleep. not because of Sleep paralysis. just a simple anxiety attack.. i guess im just fearful of the weird feelings of actually falling asleep not anything about Dreaming or sleeping itself