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Re: Difference b/w OBE and LD

Posted: 25 Feb 2013 08:16
by taniaaust1
KylePK wrote: As Tom Campbell suggests, nothing is real. Our supposed physical reality is just as real as our dream reality or the OBE, Astral, Remote viewing reality; they are just DIFFERENT realities that function with different rule sets and physics.

I do agree with this. They all occur at different frequencies of reality and each of those does seem to have its own rules etc

Re: Difference b/w OBE and LD

Posted: 26 Feb 2013 23:21
by KylePK
Ryan wrote:
deepakkumaar97 wrote:So you are solid astral experiencer as Ryan said that explains how you have 100% conscious LDs.

And I also have a question, sometimes when I realize that I am dreaming, all of a sudden all go black and I can feel my body on bed, but I don't wake up and try to go back to the same LD sometimes I succeed but mostly don't. This case has happened to me many times. So, any suggestions?

Also, I always fail to have a WILD, after an hour or more, I get frustrated and quit.
So, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I was completely spiritually torn between all of the different labels humanity uses to describe these things... until the day it hit me, that they're not different at all. I had an experience (and I continue to have these experiences) where I had a dream, lucid dream and astral projection all in the same, single, experience.

I fell asleep one night... I had a dream. Then I became aware in that dream that I was dreaming, and it felt exactly like a lucid dream had felt to me. Then I increased my awareness in that lucid dream, bringing forth my full 'waking awareness', and it ceased to feel like a lucid dream anymore and felt like an astral projection.

THAT is when I realized it... consciousness is the constant & awareness is the continuum, awareness is the only varying factor in the equation. Everything else is a secondary property of the experience.

That is when I realized too that Projection isn't something you DO. Projection is a state of consciousness that you ARE. You don't HAVE an Astral Projection. Instead, you ARE astrally aware.

Wow. That was nice. Really! Much more eloquent then how I have explained a similar viewpoint.