Competition - Brain Entrainment Mind Machine-Ends March 4th

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Competition - Brain Entrainment Mind Machine-Ends March 4th

Postby frank1985 » 22 Feb 2013 22:09

Hey guys, I thought you might be interested in a competition i'm running on my Youtube channel. The prize will be a Procyon AVS Mind Machine. This little gadget features tonnes of presets for a variety of purposes, and you can even tailor your own lucid dream sessions in accordance to your natural sleep cycle.

To enter, you need to create a video explaining how brain entrainment has helped you, using examples. You also need to provide further insights on brain entrainment. All details are in the following video....

Everyone who takes part will be entitled to a free download of either a sleep induction mp3 or one of the study aids found on my channel.

I look forward to watching your submissions!

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