Help . . my trained ability vanished. . . why?

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Rick Spyder
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Help . . my trained ability vanished. . . why?

Postby Rick Spyder » 25 Feb 2013 00:28

Hi all Lucid Dreamers
So i got Stephan's book and read it in about a day about 18 years ago.
I was totally fascinated by this and immediately started practicing.
My first Lucid dream happened in about 3 nights
and when you have a real Lucid dream THESE IS NO QUESTION
as to what is happening and it's life changing experience.
Over the next two years i had at least one or two a month and could control them for about
20 minutes or so and my most memorable dream i went from lying down and drifted right into a Lucid Dream being able to hold my train of thought WOW! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE....then for no apparent reason all my dream control's been almost 16 years since my travels and I've only had two or three tiny moments of lucidity but am not able to enter a full blown dream like i used to ...I am med-free BTW..
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
And to New Dreamers . . keep at it, you will be amazed when you have your first experience.

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Re: Help . . my trained ability vanished. . . why?

Postby taniaaust1 » 25 Feb 2013 00:55

Join the club. My skills are very inconsistant too. I can go from having spontanous LDs nightly for a couple of weeks on rare occassions (from the LD within the dream state) to nothing at all. I most commonly used to do 2-3 LDs per week and needed to work to trigger those. Recently I thought I had almost mastered WILD and was getting out at will 50% of the time I tried.. then suddenly this week I cant WILD!! One word for it FRUSTRATING!! Completely inconsistant.

In my own case it probably has something to do with my health. In the time I stopped being able to have spontanous LDs and then even planned ones became hard, I had abnormal brain waves on my brain EEGs. Last year my brain waves after years of abnormality (actually I would of thought my abnormality would of helped my LDs as my brain was running faster then it should when Im at rest or have my eyes shut), I finally got a normal EEG result and then since then, this year found out I could WILD quite easily. So Im going to assume that my brain state is going back and forth at times between a normal state and an abnormal state.. and it may be that which is making my LD stuff so variable. LDs for me are easier when my brain waves are being normal.
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