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Re: Dream journal.

Postby fineganswaker » 06 Aug 2011 03:35


Yeah--keep me posted. Always interested in hearing what works for other people as far as RCs and DS's. Seeing your school buds during the summer seems like a no-brainer, but it's crazy how you can miss stuff that would seem so obvious. Things get unbelievably scrambled up during the night--but keep at it!


Yeah, I totally know what you mean about how waking landscapes can sometimes look so surreal--it happens to me a lot. I *know* I'm awake, of course--but the land sometimes will just have a dream "look", and make me *feel* as if I'm dreaming (good situations for RCs).

That's great that you induce LDs mostly via WILD. I can't wrap my head around that technique, but I'm trying (need to do more background reading). Any tips (maybe your have them some in another posting)?


ps: Well, after a number of great nights, last night was a complete wash. Bad case of CRS (can't remember s***)! Oh, well, there's always tonight!

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Re: Dream journal.

Postby PrototypeTEGTA » 07 Aug 2011 09:44

HOLY COW! I had another LD!
Me and my friend were super-heroes in the dream and we were fighting monsters or something like that.
Suddenly it hit me that I'm dreaming and I got lucid...now I tried to spin around myself, but my friend grabbed me as hard as he can, so I couldn't spin around easily and got stuck, then I woke up :(
I guess my subconscious doesn't want me to control my dream or get lucid, or it's giving me a kind of message...any idea?
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Re: Dream journal.

Postby Peter » 08 Aug 2011 03:18


Will post soon on WILD and what works 100% for me :-)

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Re: Dream journal.

Postby fineganswaker » 08 Aug 2011 20:46

PrototypeTEGTA wrote:HOLY COW! I had another LD!

Nice, PrototypeTEGTA, sounds like you're well on your way! It seems like there are folks that have a type of natural propensity towards having LDs--you might be one o' them luck stiffs!

Nice also that you tried spinning. At the time were you consciously trying to prolong the lucidity? As far as your one buddy holding you from actually doing it though, man--yeah--it sure seems like you could interpret it as something in your subconscious not wanting you to LD. But who knows, you know? Interpretation is tricky--could even have been something physical, like something you ate earlier!

It's also possible it might not ever happen again, but if it does you might want to just ask your friend to turn you loose (and if he does maybe then ask him what the deal was with this half-nelson he threw on you). If he doesn't let you go you might want to just get rid of him. I had a recent LD where these two big guys where pushing me towards this "stream" where all these other dream characters were moving. I didn't want to do that, and these guys' behavior really bugged me as being bullyish, so I just put up my hand towards these guys and said something like "Enough!". They broke apart into these black shards and scattered in the wind--and I was completely unrestricted again.

I haven't tried this yet (but plan to), but apparently you can also request things from the dream itself. This gets into some deep philosophical weirdness. If you're interested in taking LD to the next level, I'd highly recommend you check our Robert Waggoner's book. It's kind of, like, Lucid Dreaming 2.0.

Peter wrote:Will post soon on WILD and what works 100% for me

Thanks, Peter, that would be great. Man--I felt like I came pretty close to having a WILD last night, where I was incubating a hypnogogic image (kind of a "dreamlet") into a full blown dream--and then trying to insert myself into it. Unfortunately, somehow I managed to back myself out of it and was suddenly awake again--so I failed, but it was still an interesting process. I'd been reading about this technique in the LaBerge book (also similar to what Rebecca writes about), and the experience gave me some new insights into how WILDs work and how potentially powerful they are.

Hey, maybe we should start a new thread for this. What do you think? Also thinking of going back through the current posts to see what's been written about WILDs in general.

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