anyone know how to STOP LD's?

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Re: anyone know how to STOP LD's?

Postby dreamstudent » 01 Oct 2016 03:08

I truly hope you get to read my reply, I think I have good advice that will help you.

I practiced LDing for a few years, and truthfully it will never stop, you have opened a doorway that cannot be unopened. However there is hope for you. Plain and simple you need to face your fears in the dream world. You have to confront these things whatever they are that either attack you or hurt you. You said so yourself. You know your dreaming and the fear of the dream keeps you restless. YOU have the power to do anything you want within your dreams. Punch the warden who cares if hes bigger than you, you control him. Try stopping time and then hurting these things that hurt you.

Your probably thinking this dude has no idea what he is talking about, but dude I have literally been in your exact situation I was lding multiple times a night, my dreams were in my memory throughout the day which is natural when its a focus of yours. Except in my dreams they were becoming so lucid I could not differentiate between real life and dream world; only in the dream; not in real life. Also I had to face a few demons of my own. I simply confronted them, when they scared me I punched them even if it wasn't a tangible being or solid matter. If you think you can, you can.

One of my friends on here, said he actually stopped time within his dream, and sliced his "demon" in half, and what was inside the demon was just clay, you see its our own fears that are manifested and we cannot let go of them until we face them.

Face this shit man, and youll free yourself.

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Re: anyone know how to STOP LD's?

Postby StormSharkX » 06 Oct 2016 18:04

One thing that I personally find very easy to do in a Lucid Dream is wake up, in fact I sometimes trigger this unwilling though trying hard not to wake up.

As far as not Lucid Dreaming goes with a need to stop if its affecting you while your awake, and I have experienced this occasionally, not to the point where it effect me bad enough to seek help, but more on mild paranoia level in more strange and isolated situations, like for example I am a smoker and sometimes wake up early hours and go out on my back yard for a cigarette, sometimes if I look up to the sky and night an everything is still and too quiet and begin to notice small things that are usually always there but seem out place, I sometimes begin to question if I am in fact still dreaming and have just triggered the dream to become Lucid, since the trigger point where a dream for me becomes Lucid is when I realise its a dream.

This then causes a brief mild paranoia in my mind where I start to worry, because I always convince myself to stop been silly and tell myself I am awake, bu still am left with a tiny percent of possibility, and this then can start worrying me about what if I was to give into that small percent and try something stupid that could injury myself if its not a dream but if it is a dream could pass up on a great opportunity to go beyond possible limitations of life, but I can't say I have ever been in any great danger of the chance, more just causing myself mild worrying thought of the "if ever" scenario within this scenario.

But If you are seriously starting to get affected in life by something that you believe is "Dream Related" I would seek help from a doctor, without a psychological degree, I would not discard the chance that issue you may have that you believe are related to dreaming been Lucid or Not, may not have anything to do with dreaming ether.

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Re: anyone know how to STOP LD's?

Postby yosa2 » 12 Oct 2016 02:44

Something is affecting you in the waking world, your explanation of your dreams, does not seem like a lucid dream so much as a bizarre nightmare, an aftermath of real life habits or stresses and sometimes that effects sleep. It in turn can cause cognitive recollect while awake, the problem may lay with improper sleep, but after reading your post, it seems interrelated.

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