Can You Spend Years in a Lucid Dream?

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Re: Can You Spend Years in a Lucid Dream?

Postby PrototypeTEGTA » 14 Apr 2013 17:48

LucidLink wrote:I have never tried it, however I have no doubt in my mind it will work, this is because Stephen Lebarge actually proved ALL dreams follow "real time" no matter who is the dreamer. The difference is the dreamer's perception. We perceive years or months in a dream because we are very good at suspending our disbelief. We do the exact same thing when watching a movie, the movie is only 2 hours and yet we can perceive days, months, or years happening in the movie because we suspend our disbelief to enjoy the movie.

I think the perception of time in a dream depends on how well the dreamworld/subconsciousness generates enough details to make you fully immersed with the dream context that you may somehow lose track of the dream time and feel like the dream is very long. It works the same with movies, and it's a good point. When you watch a movie, do you actually watch or 'live' the entire period of the movie like its characters do? No, you just watch a kind of summary of the movie, and the main scenes of the movie are enough to fill up your mind and convince you that you've just watched its entire happenings. I guess this exactly matches what you said, but yeah, good point. Anyway, I'm going to try this lucid goal later- time relativity in dreams and the such.
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Re: Can You Spend Years in a Lucid Dream?

Postby icedb » 15 Apr 2013 15:17

In theory it should be possible, there are no laws of physics in dreams. As long you can conceive living a hundred years in a dream i say its possible. I belive it comes down to belief of the possibility of doing so because in your dreams your mind(you) controls the experience, if that made any sense :P
It could also potentially have some huge side effects like forgetting your waking life after all those years, people tend to forget stuff after such a long period of time :P So if you wake up after 100 years or someone wakes you up in either case i suggest you leave a note besides your bed for yourself explaining what just happened because most likely you'll freak out.
Can you even imagine the potential of living a 100 year lifetime every night you go to bed in a place that has no limits?

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Re: Can You Spend Years in a Lucid Dream?

Postby galastrato » 18 Apr 2013 03:40

I have read a book about a person who decided to take a nap in the park, while his family was having a picnic. When he woke up, he was lost, couldn't understand where he was, who he was, and couldn't remember anybody.
Later after his senses came back, he told his family that apparently he saw a dream, dream the length of a life. He lived 40 something years, in that dream, then was shot, and woke up in the park.

To be honest I believe if you try hard enough and immerse yourself into the dream so much you forget about reality. It is possible to live another life in a dream.

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