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Postby jaquiliana » 14 Apr 2013 10:18

I've been working at Lucid Dreamig for only about two months. Throughout this time, I have done the reality checks as I should, how I should, and I have successfully done a dream journal. I also, on occasion, perform meditation. Though, I have been having one major issue lately:
I have yet had just one true lucid dreams, and about five false ones. In these false lucids, I believe that this is a full lucid dream, yet I'm not even truly aware. It has the true design of a regular dream, but I'm convinced of it.
What causes these, and how can I stop them?

Note: The problem is not a fully constant thing, I have had, as I mention, a real lucid dream before. It felt crisp, realistic, and truly stunning, as it should have.

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