How do our ears work when we sleep?

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How do our ears work when we sleep?

Postby Guitar48300 » 28 Apr 2013 18:51

I feel like I can become lucid more often if I hear a certain sound from the waking world that goes off while I'm in a dream. I've downloaded binuaral beats, subliminal messages, I even made a recording of me saying "this is a dream" twice after a certain amount of time(with loop on).After meditating with the subliminal messages I would fall asleep with the recording playing all night. Every night I would increase the volume if i didnt hear it in a dream. I eventually fell asleep at maximum volume(which isnt very loud compared to other listening devices) and still I heard nothing(the loop was set every ten minutes). Is there something about our ears that makes us not hear certain sounds while we're asleep?
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Re: How do our ears work when we sleep?

Postby neverlandjulia » 29 Apr 2013 09:27

this is an interesting question, actually. I often sleep with my headphones on to listen calming sounds (not my neighbours) and I never hear these sounds in a dream. After seeing Inception I would expect that we hear a lot of things from real world, but I either don't hear them either wake up.

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Re: How do our ears work when we sleep?

Postby mia » 29 Apr 2013 15:44

Yes. Interesting. I once had an alarm clock go off; but in my dream the sound appeared as a red splash (like paint) across the sky of the dreamscape. It then 'morphed' into the alarm sound as I awoke. So you certainly 'hear' the real world while asleep. But I think while dreaming, your brain 'filters' sound as well ( we do it in waking life; otherwise sensory bombardment/overload would be a huge problem).
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Re: How do our ears work when we sleep?

Postby StrangeDreamer » 30 Apr 2013 09:10

I used to have my alarm set so that the radio would come on to wake me up. One night/morning I had a rather long dream and just when I knew the dream was nearing it's end I heard this song. It was as if I was watching a TV show and the credits were rolling then I woke up and I heard the same song still playing on the radio...
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Re: How do our ears work when we sleep?

Postby taniaaust1 » 01 May 2013 07:29

I can hear real life sounds in a quite distorted way when asleep. eg my alarm going off if it dont wake me I may then think was a low flying airoplane and may get something like that then coming into my dream.

I think if one falls asleep with constant sound.. it then makes us like block out the sound while sleeping. I often fall asleep with the TV on and dont notice it while asleep.
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Re: How do our ears work when we sleep?

Postby lumencryster » 02 May 2013 09:00

well i think our ears work just fine, but i think are brains are just working in a much different way when we're dreaming. sounds get processed differently. i think its to make us more sensitive to danger, like an animal sneaking up on us or nibbling on us. i don't know why, but i'm itchy all the time. in my dreams i will randomly notice some sort of critter crawling around on my skin. and no matter how much i knock it off, i can't get rid of it. i wake up and in that spot on my skin i have my normal itch. i can only imagine that what my waking brain perceives as an itch, my dreaming brain perceives as a bug, worm, lobster, or anything that would get me to wake up.

edit: i guess what i'm trying to say is, maybe you are hearing it, but it probably isn't what you're expecting to hear.

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