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Re: Dream Guides

Postby Highlander » 09 Aug 2013 10:34

In a couple of dreams i looked up to sky and summoned a dream guide or someone to talk to.
In one dream, i was hovering in the sky, near space and an older man came near me. Then he started to talk about conspiracies, life, wars, etc. I even asked some questions about my life.
In another dream, i was way far from Earth, in deep space and when i called for a dream guide, it appeared a guide that had my image. He said he was God. We talked a little bit about how things are going to be.
The converstations were not very deep. Some i didn't understand what they've said. In some dreams i tend to ask stuff to DC's that are in my dreams. Most of them don't even reply. I guess the best way is standing still and call for a dream guide or an entity of some sort. If we stay calm and wait, it will appear.4
I have to practice more of this.

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