Something strange

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Something strange

Postby torakrubik » 30 Aug 2011 13:58

Something strange happened last night as i was falling asleep. I'm not sure if i was dreaming, or it was just a hypnogogic hallucination. Here it is: I remember holding a book above my head and reading it whilst lying down in my bed (before i went to bed i had been reading that same book). Earlier that day i had to make an important phone call and (back in the hallucination now) suddenly my mum was next to my bed, picked up a phone from the wall (which is not normally there) and sharply said 'fine, i'll do it then'. Then my whole body went limp, i dropped the book and a numbness spread over me. I felt like i was falling fast, downwards. I was pretty freaked out, thinking it was perhaps a strangely-induced sleep paralysis, and after hearing scary stories about sleep paralysis, so i jolted myself fully awake. I checked the time; it was half an hour from when i stopped reading in real life and went to bed. Surely that isn't enough time for REM sleep to set in, so it can't have been a proper dream? I have yet to succeed in performing a WILD or sleep paralysis, but maybe i was close here? If it's relevant, i had been attempting to induce SP with a new technique i read about which was imagining spinning and falling in all velocities whilst lying completely still, as i fell asleep. Also i had a lucid dream that night, albeit a short and uneventful one.

Sorry for the long post, i hope you can understand it. I'd jut like ideas on what the hell happened? If it happens again and i get to the falling stage, I'll try to let it continue. Thanks!
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