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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby Rebecca » 25 May 2012 01:49

WildCat23 wrote:I didn't really want to post this, as I know you get this question a lot. How come I can't lucid dream?

The main thing that drove me to ask this is the fact that, 1) I can remember currently around 2-4 dreams a night without a dream journal, 2) I try the MILD technique before falling asleep each nigh. I can't exactly do it, because i will drift off in thought and become absorbed (Most of the time). Is there any technique that doesn't involve resetting my alarm or a high chance of OBE's?

Thanks in advance,

Haha. Ok I'll let you off.... on the understanding that it's almost impossible for me to identify a causal link between ANYTHING you do / don't do in your life and why you AREN'T having lucid dreams....

At the end of the day, I can supply all the techniques that do actually work for lots of people, and if you do them consistently and still don't have lucid dreams, then there must be something else in the equation blocking your efforts.

Things such as... not getting enough sleep... smoking too much marijuana... drinking too much alcohol, coffee, energy drinks... etc etc. Not making any accusations. ;)

Based on what you've said you're doing RIGHT - ie remembering lots of dreams (which is great) and attempting MILD, I'd say you need to do more lucid dreaming techniques to make lucidity happen.

Keep practicing MILD. If you get distracted then that's a sign you need to improve mental focus, so learn from your experience and keep pushing at it.

Do reality checks. They're easy and effective when you make it a frequent habit.

Explore your hypnagogia. You can watch it evolve into primitive dreams and the longer you stay conscious the deeper you'll go. One day you might pop straight into a dream and you'll be all "damn, that was EASY!"

Listen to my self hypnosis sessions every night, it's why I made them: (In fact, this is why I made the entire course, for people who want in-depth instruction on lucid dreaming, so give it a shot if you can.)

I'd also suggest writing your dreams down... even though you remember them on waking, keeping a detailed written record helps cement them into long term memory, not just short term.

You may also consider some lucidity aids like lucid dream masks (the Remee will be released in August - expect a review on site sometime), dream herbs (Calea Z is a fave of mine, also Galantamine is quite powerful), and/or brainwave entrainment to enhance your meditation. All these are written up on the site if you need more info.

That should keep you busy for a while.... ;)
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Talking in lucid..

Postby Nasuke18 » 27 May 2012 03:09

Hi Rebecca, I have done a lot of my own learning about my own self lucid dreams and have resently found this great forum you've put together. Something i have truble doing in my dreams is speaking aloud I still have my full in mind thoughts and carry out conversations throw body language(my own interpertation of what they would say in sanarow, without them vocalizing or lip movment) with figures in lucid along with my self, and would like to gain better overall better control of them. but saying "Clarity Now" (aloud) I am haveing truble disifering it {like its not geting to my conscious mind}, (I have Built myself a dubble mind set in dreams and that why I have difficutly speaking aloud in them, [but only in the dream's body's mind]) <--probly a bad idea but i did it from self tought technics, and isnt quite improving the experance/control when trying to say "Clarity Now", but I still feel like i can gain more and wish to. I just wish to learn more in every situation (about dreaming not dreaming, real life ect.) and aprresate the time youve put into this and everyone else involed thankyou. With that my Questions is any way to better talking/convertions in lucid you could help me with?

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is it easy for me to have lucid dream again?

Postby dreamer45 » 27 May 2012 11:36

hey Rebecca!!i had my fist lucid dream last night i used the WILD technique i had fun..i will not talk about what did do in the dream..but instead of asking..i had my fist lucid dream would be easy for me to have a lucid dream again??,,i mean i tried WILD many times and failed, my point is would i failed many times again??

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Ideas for reality checks

Postby Crispuga » 30 May 2012 03:50

I was thinking when performing a reality check...could you take a bottle and "check" if the content is still flavoured as it was before? or look away and check if the level of liquid has risen? just a small question...

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby reynaldi » 30 May 2012 12:04

i think you can do that!
when i perform reality checks.. i don't slap my face, so i don't look crazy in public.
usually i search for info that i don't know.
sorry for my english..

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby dreamer45 » 07 Jun 2012 12:15

in Mild Tech. you have to say something before you go to question is can i just say it in my mind or i really need to say it out loud?????

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby Limabean » 11 Jun 2012 10:37

Hi Rebecca,
First off, I have to admit that I'm incredibly jealous of your ability to lucid dream so well. If I may, I have a couple of questions though.

When I'm meditating and trying to WILD, I try to let my eyes naturally close like someone suggested to me once. In this process though, should I let my vision automatically blur, or should I stay focused on the point I'm staring at. This leads me to my next question. My eyes keep adjusting, moving, re fixing my view on whatever I'm trying to focus on. I really need help, I just really don't understand what I'm supposed to do. I've had some meditation sessions and I've either fallen asleep or gone twenty minutes without HI. I even got the Lucid Dreaming MP3. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby rothgar » 11 Jun 2012 12:56

Rebecca, several months ago I mentioned lack of mobile support on you website. Today I signed in after being away due to this lack of support. Wow! New look is awesome! Came up mobile! Super job.... Thanks. I'm BACK.

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby Grimez » 13 Jun 2012 01:04

Hey Rebecca,

I have been attempting DILD and MILD for a couple days now. When I lay down, I have a thought and when I concentrate completely on it I start to drift off - forgetting about reality for a second - and then I snap back into reality. One of the times I felt a warm sensation move over my arms. Is this the MILD technique working or am I just weird? lol

Thanks for your response in advance!

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby rikimaru » 15 Jun 2012 14:43

Hello Rebecca!
I had a question:
I make a topic then i wait for a single reply or answers from the forum
its now 5 days that i make a topic, but now i didn't recieved any reply :cry:

I have another question about Lucid dream
i have problem about swallowing while in the bed, when i'm now deeply relaxed
my mouth now have a lots of saliva, so i have to swallow, so i will became
aware in the reality so i have to relax then i have to swallow again so
i can't go through the relaxation :(

And another thing, when i'm now very deeply relax i can't go asleep,

Last thing,when i'm tired like taking nap or sleeping in the night, when i sleep i go asleep very
fast i didn't know that i'm dreaming, so the cause of it is just a normal dream :cry:

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