Shared a dream with sister and nephew

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Shared a dream with sister and nephew

Postby momof2 » 10 Oct 2011 13:54

I had a dream one night that everything was flooded out and we had to stay on our roof tops and get around by row boat. Long story short I told my younger sister and she said she had the same dream and we sat and talking about key things that we could remember. Later on that day I was picking my daughter along with my niece;s and nephews up from school and My one nephew told me he had a stange dream last night I asked him about it and couldn't believe what I was hearing!!! He as well had the same dream. Many times after the three of us have had that same dream on the same night. Not sure what to make of it, it is always the same flooding dream. What is the connection????? What does this mean???

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