When is best time to use WBTB method?

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Re: When is best time to use WBTB method?

Postby fineganswaker » 24 Oct 2011 23:45

Hey, Peter.

Thanks for giving out the info on Ryan Hurd's book. There are a lot of good tips in there. I especially like the one about going backwards through your day once you're settling down for sleep in order to consciously get rid of the mundane stuff your mind might end up needing to process by dreaming about. Clearing the palate for better quality dreaming!

I'm definitely going to try that out tonight, and I dig that the idea has been around for 800 years and was dreamed up (no pun intended) by the Tibetans.

And, yeah, it's important not to confuse WBTB with WILD (or MILD, DILD, etc). Two different types of LD techniques. The way I think of it, WBTB is what you use to hit that sweet spot for optimal LD REM sleep (sort of like setting the stage); WILD or MILD or DILD is the method you use to induce LDing.

In other words, both WILDers or MILDers can (and maybe should) use WBTB.

Make sense?

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Re: When is best time to use WBTB method?

Postby Peter » 25 Oct 2011 00:40

Clear as mud. All good, I wake up without fail at 1:30am or 2:30am depending on daylight saving and its a great foundation for either entry. Sometimes it works for a WILD and others it wont but I will get a DILD or even wake up later and then get a WILD. Its not important what or how as long as you sort out your style and work on that. I also have a few times had WILD on going to bed in the evening so dont agree that the REM state is the only one for dreaming. It may be that you can get the to a REM state or just make it happen, I dont really know but I have had dreams and LD and WILD over the years at every point of sleeping

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