Dreaming the future???

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Re: Dreaming the future???

Postby yogithis » 25 Jan 2012 19:53

Like your thinking Jack.

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Re: Dreaming the future???

Postby HAGART » 26 Jan 2012 03:45

jamjam wrote:Your subconscious already knows everything that will happen to you. It scans every possible outcome.

This may be off topic, but Jam Jam speaks my language. I agree.

(but I do believe there is a connection between lucid dreams and lucid reality, (or in other words... dejavu... which is a weird word when you think about it... but it is LUCID REALITY) Still weird, but... these are just words and words can't describe it. We all know the feeling.....
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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