What is your super power?

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Re: What is your super power?

Postby HAGART » 19 Dec 2016 21:50

Thanks for the brilliant input, Summerlander. Now back to the topic of dreams. ;)

Since writing this thread those many years ago, I have since been able to create fire in my palm and have gotten good at it. I can't shoot it out like a flame thrower; it's just a small flame like alcohol burning. Whatever I was going on about with 'light in dreams', has since been proven wrong to me. You can certainly create light. In one of my own recent dreams, I made a flame in my right palm and stuck my left finger in it and could actually feel it being burned. The pain was very subdued, but felt like a mild burn. I then wondered if I could burn my body with that hand and started to singe my hair off.

I mentioned Avatar: The Last Air Bender, years ago, and don't know why I am obsessed with manipulating, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, but it's so fun to do in lucid dreams. I was already able to control water, but being a 'firebender' was a goal of mine many years ago, and have accomplished it. I also can make water appear in my palms and even drink it, which is quite amazing to try. I remember one dream in which I had water shooting out of one hand, and a flame in my other hand and was starting fires and putting them out, and manipulating the two. I also have been getting better at generating wind from my hands too. When it comes to Earth bending, I usually forget what exactly to do in the dream and just end up making trees and plants grow like in time lapse photography, and make them grow rampantly. I even made a plant grow out of my palm on two occasions.

I too can make Rasengans in my palms, and when I try to squeeze it between my two palms, it feels like there is a magnetic force repelling them. Shooting it out still causes no damage and feel no energy from it.

I accomplished quite a bit since writing this post all those years ago, and I'm sure have done some other crazy superpowers. I once tore my finger off in a dream, and it grew back. I guess that is like being SalamanderMan. My list can go on, but one thing I have still not done, is cast lightning out of my fingertips. I'm sure it's possible since I know what it should look like, and have felt mild electrocution before, so I imagine it should be like that, and my mind is capable of putting the two together.

My quest for flight has had it's ups and downs too. (Pun was certainly intended)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I guess it's not really a "necropost" if the original poster is still alive.
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Re: What is your super power?

Postby Kittygurl2320 » 14 Dec 2017 04:51

I have had a few dreams about superpowers, but it all started with a dream where my mom took my to a suprise place. When I got there I was forced onto a bed with straps to hold me down by a strange woman. I was screaming and resisting as much as possible. I was forcefully given a tranqulizer and I fell asleep without knowing it. I woke up in my dream not remembering what happened. I asked my mom what happened and she said I had gotten something to improve motor control. I started to remeber some of what happened before, but not much. I wandered away to somewhere (cant remember) and I started to notice that I could move things with some concentration. I also scared some people by controling a bear to come up to me so I could touch it. In another dream I was at a carnival with some other people with superpowers and noticed that I could manipulate water and electricity too.

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Re: What is your super power?

Postby 24/7/365 » 14 Dec 2017 13:47

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Re: What is your super power?

Postby Dreaming Life » 13 Jan 2018 00:17

I can always fly, and jump from really tall buildings and heights, fall really fast but slow down to a gentle landing in the last second or two. Recurring dreams often become lucid and I can change the future of these dreams.

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Re: What is your super power?

Postby naturespirit » 23 Jan 2018 04:12

My super power is phasing through solid objects like walls and windows. It is strangely addictive! :D
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Re: What is your super power?

Postby Markis » 26 Jan 2018 03:31

It's hard to say what my superpower would be considering that I personally exhibit many abilities and attributes that, although would be considered god-like within this plane, are perfectly normal and common for me in the ether.

But my favorites are control of my material density (being able to pass through objects) and of course flight.... and perhaps a pinch of enhanced speed and strength.

Interestingly, I've never encountered another entity who has my capabilities, with exception of a few who can float or fly, but they are all self-aware... so in a sense, I suppose I do have superpowers compared to the overwhelming majority of figures I encounter.
..then again, I don't go around challenging people nor is anyone aggressive with me (usually).

My persona is much the same in both realms.

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Re: What is your super power?

Postby RedKryptonite » 26 Jan 2018 14:29

So far the most common super power I've exhibited in lucid dreams is super speed. I've always been a fan of running at super speed,just imagining that cool breeze you must feel when you're running is quite exhilarating.

I still consider myself barely an intermediate though due to my inconsistent practice/routines. This may very well change as I get more experienced.

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