Dream Control -Changing scenery

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Dream Control -Changing scenery

Postby Crane25 » 04 Dec 2018 22:10

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m having lucid dreams nearly every night (and remember at least one dream a night) and I’m working on dream control. I can summon people and control my own body pretty decently (I frequently go flying) but I’ve been having trouble changing the scenery. I did it once or twice a few years ago when I first started lucid dreaming but recently I haven’t been able to do it at all. I try to do it by either turning around and expecting it to change, or by sort of “closing my eyes” in the dream and reopening them and expecting a different location, but neither of those are working.
What are some of your techniques?
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