1st experience with Entada Rheedii - African Dream Herb

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Re: 1st experience with Entada Rheedii - African Dream Herb

Postby LDer Charles » 27 Apr 2018 15:48

venom9332 wrote:nothing happened :roll:

Thanks venom! And thanks for bumping this thread. It was very interesting. I don't think there's really any devil. Just nature, which is the basis, and "civilization", which is artificial, but "civilization" usually demonizes nature.

I wonder if I will every try a dream herb. Probably one day. Not yet due to money mainly but also I'm not sure how similar it would be to doing actual drugs. I want to avoid drugs.

On the other hand if I wanted a drug type of experience, most of the drugs are illegal. But dream herbs seem legal. So I could have a cool way to have a cool "drug-ish" experience that way. Dreams are like little altered states of consciousness even without drugs.
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