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Cycle Adjustment Technique Results

Posted: 09 Jan 2014 05:12
by Bubbatom
Hello everyone!

I'm Bubbatom, a long time lurker of the forum, but have only just registered an account here.

I haven't had much of an experience with lucid dreams (maybe one a year, although I did have a lot more when I was a kid) and have been trying various techniques on and off for the past couple of years to get more lucid dreams more regularly. The results though, haven't been too great as I just haven't taken the time and patience to follow through with a lot of these techniques. I find that I'll have a go with a certain technique for a while and then it'll gradually drop off after I faze back into more work or study.

But, I'm always reeled back into the idea of lucid dreaming as my non-lucid dreams are so bizarre and sometimes inspirational, and I really want to explore these more.

A few weeks ago I felt like giving a new technique a go, and came across CAT (Cycle Adjustment Technique) by Daniel Love on the main World of Lucid Dreaming site;
I've just finished the first week of waking up 90 minutes earlier, and last night was my first 'normal'/'non-90 minute early' sleep. Although I didn't become lucid at all, my dreams certainly were more vivid, and I managed to remember and right down about five of them.

I've had a wander around the web and haven't actually come across anyone's results with the technique (just forums that feature people explaining how they can't fit it in with their routine).

So, have many of you guys tried and had results with this particular technique?

Thanks, Bubbatom

Re: Cycle Adjustment Technique Results

Posted: 09 Jan 2014 05:34
I did this all the time before I knew it was a technique. I use to always lucid dream after a few days of sleep deprivation (just an hour or two less) and when I finally get to sleep in an extra hour or two. The last dream tends to be lucid because my mind is use to waking up so I become very alert while the dream is still happening. If not lucid they are at least very easy to remember.