FILD, MILD clarification

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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FILD, MILD clarification

Postby satsujin » 14 Feb 2014 06:23

Hi folks,

I have just recently jumped on the lucid dreaming bandwagon and would like to clear up some doubts I have about technique.
I have decided to start by alternating between FILD and MILD each night. I get up several times each night and recall reasonably well what I was just dreaming but when I apply my technique /i have trouble going back to sleep.

- Do I start doing FILD as soon as I wake up or do i wait until im really drowsy? Should I also do the RC within a given amount of time regardless of whether I realize I am still in my bed and not asleep or dreaming?

- For MILD, I constantly repeat my mnemonic aid mentally as soon as i wake up. I've even tried spacing out the duration between repetition but this activity is what prevents me from going back to sleep I suspect. Am I doing this wrong?

Please help...

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Re: FILD, MILD clarification

Postby Goldkoron » 14 Feb 2014 23:41

I have never done MILD. and I have just started experimenting with FILD, so I am unsure

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