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Magic "Dream Drool"

Posted: 26 Mar 2015 17:13
by astrovineyard
First I want to say that I am awful at getting or controlling lucid dreams. But a few times over the decades I stumbled upon what appears to be something that worked for me.

If my head is slightly to one side (whether in real life or just my "dream body") what will happen - or I might be able to make happen - is that I will start to drool slowly out one side of my mouth. I don't even do this in real life except very rarely so I don't know why it came up as a thing for me.

Anyway, when I feel the drool about to "break the seal" of my lips and spill out, I get a slight sensation that the drool is made of something heavier that saliva, and it has a numbing sensation on where it touches my lips. Shortly after this happens a more vivid dream happens, or a dream in a dream with some loosely lucid qualities. When I finally wake up I'll check my lip and/or pillow and, finding them dry, conclude it was all a dream!