Very effective variation on WILD

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Very effective variation on WILD

Postby SGraham » 02 Jul 2012 18:51

ok so i have been trying the WILD technique for about a month with baisicly no sucsess, but then starting around the second week of june i started using a variation of WILD that combines parts of WILD and MILD so i baisicly get two opertuntities for lucidity per night. i have waited until now to share so i could get some actual data. ok so here it is
( p.s if you fall asleep way to quickly before you can do anytthing this technique might help)

1. ok so the first part is baisicly the same except i make sure to meditate siting up that ensures that i wont fall asleep accidently

2. ok once i get to hypnagogia i lay down in whatewver sleep position feel most comfertable ( usualy on the side or back) O.K. now here is were it gets diferent instead of observing my hypnagogic imagery , i do the portion of the MILD technique were i just keep telling my self what im going to do in the dream . the trick to this is put as much intent in it as posible.( this is the real key to the technique because i almost always fall asleep while observing hypnagogia so this keeps my mind ocupid , it also makes it more likely to have a DILD )

3.after about 2 minutes i usualy lose all perciption of my physical body. at this point i begin to create my dream scene just as you would in a regular WILD.

so thats my technique, using it i have been able to have much more sucsess than with WILD alone within the first two weeks i was able to have two DILD's one of witch lasted about 2 minutes and was were i moon gravity jumped around my yard :D . the other DILD lasted probably about ten seconds. i also in the two weeks was able to have a WILD which also lasted about ten seconds.

so yeah i just wanted to share it to see if my technique could help anyone else . so please tell my if it worked well for any of you :D
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