My go-to dream technique

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My go-to dream technique

Postby redbeard » 20 Oct 2017 20:16

Hey all, I just wanted to share this particular technique I use for various purposes in my Lucid dreams.
So to begin with, I was obsessed with flying when I was in my initial stages of learning LD and as a result, flying is one thing which I have total mastery on (How, maybe another topic). But for this thread, I'd like to share how I use flying creatively to achieve many things in a dream. Let's see:

Change Scenery: I think of a scenery in mind, and fly off really fast in random directions, expecting my scene to come up, and surely enough sooner or later it comes.

Summon People: I think of the person in mind: fly off: look around : eventually they are there.

Same for objects...

Day/Night: Fly so far off....that the time is different(doesn't make much sense, I know....but works fine)

Explanation : I don't know why it should work or whether it would work for you. But surely I have a hypothesis. Our brain is busy in creating a world for us while we're dreaming....and it is doing this continuously so, but when I decide to fly off really fast, it has to change things faster and faster, get new ideas for creating the world, and therefore, it cheats, takes help of the conscious ideas you're thinking of(that particular scenery), and alas, you have it. Tell me what you think of it.

I'll extend this discussion if you seem interested.

Thanks for reading,

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