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Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Re: reality checks

Postby fineganswaker » 02 Aug 2011 19:34

Peter wrote:What does it take...

Peter, A couple of thoughts.

First, you're totally on to something with the "stressers". Thanks for mentioning this, because this happened to me just last night in the first of two lucid dreams I had. Stresers seem to me to have a lot of potential as a good dreamsign to kick in lucidity--although, man, that dream you had of having almost drowned certainly was a stresser!

Here's my take on WBTBs and WILDS (and I'm taking this more or less from the LaBerge book). WBTB is the overall technique you do after you've been sleeping for a while. You get up sometime in the wee hours and stay awake for a certain amount of time (--Sorry, you know this already!). Anyway, WILD (or MILD) is the technique you use once you go back to bed to try to induce lucidity. So, getting up and being conscious for awhile just primes the pump--you try to jump start the luciditymobile with your personal method of choice (WILD or MILD).

Any luck so far on the doing reality checks on daylight? If that's something you're noticing, I'd say definitely keep working on it!

I want to create a different post to ask some questions about what I've experienced in these lucid dreams I've had in the last couple of nights. It seems like I've really turned a corner here in my ability to induce lucid dreaming (although I have a feeling it'll be temporary).

But one thing that keeps coming to mind is another item that, I believe, Stephen LaBerge mentions: that having just one lucid dream (no matter how it comes on) increases your chances dramatically for having more of them. In the case of lucid dream, familiarity doesn't breed contempt--it breeds better chances for lucid dreaming. I can honestly say that this seems to be happening to me right now.

Reality checks and dreamsigns still remain elusive and a mystery to me, though. Last night in my second "lucid" dream, placing a bottle of 7-Up on a dream porch kicked me into a type of lucidity where I started willfully controlling things, but wasn't necessarily lucid per se. At least there wasn't that typical "rush" that accompanies the onset, and the overall feeling was very different than the "classically" lucid dream I had early Sunday morning. That soda bottle is strange, because, well, first I don't even drink soda--and I never liked 7-Up to begin with (now, if it had been a beer on the other hand...) But why such a mundane dream object would kick in lucidity in anybody's guess. And was it the bottle itself or the act of setting it down on this "porch"? It puzzling, but very cool in its own odd way--and I realize I need to think about all this a lot more.

Sorry for all the blather. Hope some of this is interesting.

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Re: reality checks

Postby lawilahd » 02 Aug 2011 20:33

Just two days ago, My little brother convinced me in my dream that I wasn't even dreaming when I was on the verge of lucidity, I counted the fingers on my hands and they counted up to 5 before i even got to the thumb, so i was like hey check this out this is wierd, and he comes up to me and says "no look, its just that your pinky is stuck behind your ring finger" which it was, but that still doesn't make any sense as I counted more than 5 fingers, but I believed him in the dream, and needless to say, was annoyed at him when I woke up.

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Re: reality checks

Postby Peter » 02 Aug 2011 21:15

posted reply and cant find it now... so this might be a repeat.

Your post is interesting and i feel that we micro manage the RC too much. The dreamscape is a reality the same as waking life and has its own character, it feels different and looks different and when we look for a RC I think we are looking for proof of what we already know and so micro managing the event.
The most fun in entering a LD is when I just laugh and say I am dreaming without really thinking about it, I want to devlop this skill some more.

I agree with your thoughts on WBTB and WILD and again think that there is a lot of effort on trying for WILD as if it is better or more skilled to enter a LD that way. The end result is the same and the skill of the dreamer is the decider on how, where and what the dream will be (as far as we can influence).

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Re: reality checks

Postby fineganswaker » 02 Aug 2011 21:21

lawilahd wrote:needless to say, was annoyed at him when I woke up.

Little brat--just kidding! :D

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Re: reality checks

Postby rdubya » 03 Aug 2011 17:06


I agree with the micro managing RC comment you made. I notice most of the times I pull myself into a LD it had nothing to do with the RC I do, but that may not be why RC are important. In my dream, I question the reality I am in which results in me realizing something is wrong, even if it wasn't one of my RC. I think RC in the physical world is just good to trigger your mind to question any reality it is in, even if it doesn't need to perform the same RC.


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