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Waking up WILD help

Posted: 25 Jun 2011 22:19
by SaraM2261
I think I am getting the WILD technique. I can sometimes get the MILD, but it is weak, and I lapse back into unconscious dreaming easily. So I am trying WILD.

The issue is that when I recognize the dream start I wake up. I don't really get excited or anything. It just brings me up. I focus on a scene, or just relax and start dreaming a bit and then I come right up to the surface. Also, I have the sensation of watching rather than being a part of the new dream, and if I try to interact with it I come right up out of it too.

Any help? I feel like if I just stay with it I will just start dreaming unconsciously, and not stay with the consciousness. So I try to step in and change it maybe too soon?? Maybe while it's still kind of a hallucination and not yet a dream??

I can also experience my hypnogogic hallucinations very calmly and stay with them without lapsing totally into sleep...kind of weird, but still some kind of control. Right??

Thanks in advance for advice/reading