Easy sleep paralysis to lucidity method

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Easy sleep paralysis to lucidity method

Postby edowak » 02 Jan 2019 19:53

Hi all, first post here. Wanted to share a sleep paralysis method that I stumbled upon this morning after waking up to sleep paralysis. This undoubtedly has been written on before in various ways, so my apologies if this is similar to other posts. I still want to write it out though, as both a reference to my future self and to a possible aid for those who have not tried something similar. After not experiencing sleep paralysis for quite some time, this is what came naturally to me, and I found it to be a very smooth and enjoyable transition into lucidity.

One note about this method is that it is, I think, much easier when lying on your back and with some light to illuminate your room a bit. However, the main essence of it will work just as well whatever the sleep position and room setting.

Upon waking to sleep paralysis, center and calm your breathing; take any auditory/visual hallucinations for what they are, and relax into the paralysis. Once settled, raise your (phantom) arms in front of your face to see that they are not there; move them around a bit, then set them back down and relax. Similarly, bend and raise your (phantom) legs to see that they are also not there. Apart from you not seeing your limbs, the movements of them should feel just as well, but perhaps a bit (or very) weighted down. At this point, having registered movement of each phantom limb, you can step into lucidity. Close your eyes (important!!), and while keeping them closed, sit up and get out of your bed. Again, you may feel quite weighted down, but just continue against the resistance steadily. Your body may feel too tired to go against the weight, but push through that -- view it as a workout if it helps. Once you have fully stepped out and are standing next to your bed, open your eyes and enter lucidity!

Because this is such a smooth transition, and feels so natural to both mind and body with your eyes closed, you may very well think that you are now awake. Your room is your room, and it's all seemingly in place. Fascinating! If you look at your bed, your body may or may not appear to be there. If it is there, then that is the direct indication that you are now lucid. If it is not, perform your favorite reality check. Remember to keep calm during the check so as to not wake up from excitement. Rubbing your hands or spinning your body as a grounding technique are always good.

Hope some people find this useful, cheers :)

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Re: Easy sleep paralysis to lucidity method

Postby Moxie » 24 Jan 2019 07:21

This actually sounds like astral projection! The difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming is that in astral projection, your astral body/soul is consciously leaving your physical body. During astral projection, you are on (or at least start on) the astral plane, as opposed to lucid dreaming where you are inside your own mind in your dreamscape. The astral realm is much more open to other entities, spirits, and energies, and people can see the world in real time. This isn't a great explanation, but I hope it helps!

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