DCILD- Dream Character Induced Lucid Dream

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DCILD- Dream Character Induced Lucid Dream

Postby inventgr » 03 Jan 2019 18:38

Hi I'm new to lucid dreaming (four weeks) and have not had one yet, but when I do, I was thinking of trying DCILD.
Its basically spending your lucid time for one or two nights going around asking all of your characters if they can help you out by reminding you you're in a dream whenever you see them. Next time you go to bed, really expect to be 'awoken' once in a dream, and according to howtolucid.com, it should work.

Have any of you done this before? Does it work? It seemed like a really cool idea so I'm exited to see if its worked for anyone on this forum.

Best of luck,

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Re: DCILD- Dream Character Induced Lucid Dream

Postby Moxie » 24 Jan 2019 07:16

I've never tried this method, but I have had one very prominent dream character help me recognize that I was dreaming to get out of what could have become a nightmare. So I think if you actively practice that technique you described, it could absolutely work.

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