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Polyphasic sleep

Posted: 05 Nov 2012 21:06
by spongedungeon
Is there anyone out there using polyphasic sleep who finds that it aids them in lucid dreaming?
In theory, I see no reason why it shouldn't. It can also give you like fifteen extra waking years if you start at eighteen, giving you more free time to meditate or do homework and stuff.

Re: Polyphasic sleep

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 08:12
by KylePK
Yeah I have heard of this. Isn't it quite delicate though, to insure you are getting your required REM sleep time? Also, even though Deep Sleep cycle has no effect on the the mind (Rem does), I would imagine that your physical body would recover from, say, working out and lifting weights, during the deep sleep cycle. I am not sure how healthy this would prove to be..

Re: Polyphasic sleep

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 11:01
by Snaggle
Spongedungeon you're ignoring some of the real downsides of having extra waking life.

1. You're awake when other people are sleeping, you can't listen to music or even watch TV because you'll wake them up...OK head phones are a solution to this problem. You can't socialize, call or talk to sleeping people and so are left alone much more than other people and better be able to stand your own company and there are many people who can't take being alone.

2. You read a lot and study subjects you're interested in, this can distance you from other and sometimes make them think you're making up fake info e.g. in a fairly short period of time, say ten years I read about 2,600 scholarly books of around 800 to 1,200 pages ( I can read one of these in about an hour) and "talk like an encyclopedia" on subjects subjects I've studied and " no one can do that, you're making it up". Quotes from one of my aunts who has boasted that she read all of her books ( 1,800 and almost all novels or popular books). You'll also seen a little strange to others because one has more knowledge than them and on subjects they've never even heard of. You could easily talk like a Vulcan and give way too much info in simple situation.

3. You'll also tend to become a perfectionist, which can actually cause you not to finish projects or restart them from scratch. Unless you develop discipline, clear plans and deadlines this is going to happen to you a lot, as you'll not have the same sense of time others have.

4. If you're a kid, you could end up like me. I was afraid of the dark had to be in bed every night with the lights off by 8:00 and not get up until by father woke up and yes, I was afraid of the dark, the under bed monster and the closet monster. alone in the scary dark with monsters and nothing to do but think about them in the dark and wonder when they were going to get me.

Re: Polyphasic sleep

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 08:21
by KylePK
Snaggle most of your listed downfalls don't seem that bad. I love my own company, as I should and as anyone should, because if you can't deal with yourself how are others to deal with you? Also, I could care less how people would see my intelligence. I already seem a bit stranger than some due to the way I speak and structure my sentences. More sophisticated than some. And if you acquire knowledge and people choose not to believe you, that's their problem lol I don't, and nobody should, care who believes their words.