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My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 25 Nov 2012 05:11
by LCDAnthony
When I attempt WILDs, My inner monologue won't be quiet or I drift off into something other than doing a WILD.

Can anyone give me a way to keep myself focus? Thanks

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Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 25 Nov 2012 19:55
by lumencryster
i would work on meditation. just try to calm your mind, don't force anything. what usually happens to me is the inner monologue breaks down and slowly fades.

Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 06 Dec 2012 06:45
by KylePK
Why silence the inner monologue? When the dream begin to develop, you aren't going to be able to maintain your focus AND succeed. The nature of the process simply won't allow it. Also, meditation that requires you to quiet your mind DOES have its place, but it is not in lucid dreaming. Meditating to be aware is better suited for lucid dreaming, because that would help prepare you to consciously observe the falling asleep process and enter the dream consciously rather than TRYING to induce something to happen. Trying too hard, which is easy (weird right?), is bound to send you spiraling to failure. So instead, work on consciously observing your thoughts, feelings (emotional and physical), and enjoying the process with no regard for where it may take you. Allow yourself to be distracted, but be aware of the distraction.

Your consciousness needs to become a leaf; floating to and fro, wherever the breeze takes it, with no concern for the final resting place. Just enjoy the flow of the mind.

Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 30 Dec 2012 04:59
by LunaDreamer
I got that alot... Everytime I WILD it just won't shut up! What I do is just sleep. Not sleep completely but I sleep for a minute but my concious wake up. This makes the colour kicks in. And my mind is completely blurred out.

Let me try explaining this more... It seems confusing.

So basically you sleep you feel like you are sleep other than relaxing and closing your eyes your mind has that sleeping feeling... but remind you mind that you are looking black blur. and look at it. and sleep. but always concentrate and one point.

Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 00:50
by rothgar
There is a great book I have started to read called dream yourself awake. It explains meditation techniques to both relax yourself and increase awareness... the dual goal for WILDS. I think it might help.

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Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 09 Jan 2013 09:41
by suez8226
You need to meditate and breathe. Get a tape that has benoural beats to help you relax. Its easy within a week you can relax, fall asleep and dream.

Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 09 Jan 2013 14:14
by Summerlander
The mind is naturally noisy. Don't let this upset you. Instead, accept that this is the nature of mind. When it comes to WILDs do a little meditation by focusing on one thing only. If you find yourself getting lost in other thoughts, simply and gently bring your attention back to the thing you were focusing on in the first place. The mind will have a tendency to get lost but bring your focus back as many times as it takes with patience and without expecting any results. Before you know it, you will enter the phase state that gives rise to lucid dreams, OOBEs and other altered states of consciousness.

Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 04:46
by lumencryster
Summerlander wrote:The mind is naturally noisy...

i disagree, i think that naturally the mind is quiet and peaceful, but conscious control makes it noisy.

Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 15 Jan 2013 01:42
by Summerlander
You're mistaken. there are many unconscious processes that you are not aware of. The mind is always busy. this isn't necessarily science. Even a Buddhist monk will tell you this. The stillness of mind is a state that you acquire with effort. Not an easy one.

Scientifically, consciousness has no control. The unconscious processes determine how one feels and how one is likely to act. Free will is an illusion.

Re: My mind won't be quiet!!!

Posted: 15 Jan 2013 03:29
I think the mind is naturally abuzz with thoughts too. Only when you relax and think about it are you truly aware of it, but it was always going on in the background of our conscious day the whole time.

And without it, you won't dream at all. The visions and feelings and sounds that you hear IS the 'mind's chatter'. Without it you are in a meditative state and not dreaming. It takes a 'noisy' mind to dream, but a subconscious noisy mind.

And that's why dreams are important to remember because they tell us what is on our mind's whether we know it or not when awake. We can learn a lot from that noisy subconscious we have and dreams have a way of making it more vivid than a day dream or a thought we carry when awake.